Image: Family tree showing Hendrik VAN WESSEL - © 2019

Disclaimer(s), some chat and a few rules ...

We've tried to do our best and make this website worth your visit. A few points though ...

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Is it really us?

Pretty much throughout this website I shall refer to us, although it should refer to me. So it's really just I when it reads we and why? Well, because I sounds wee and we is more like us, that's more. The 'more' that gives the confidence that it is not just I and this is true as I do not work in isolation. The 'more' that inspire and keep the books, the 'more' that supplement and make all this work, the 'more' that is you, our visitors and clients. So less is more and I shall just be who I am, the we on this website.

It happens

Mistakes are human and we would be the last to state that we don't make any. If you do come across dismal spelling mistakes, obvious typo's, grammatical howlers, dreadful puns, gross inconsistencies, punctuation goofs or embarrassing misquotes, please have a good laugh on our account and then drop us a line to tell us all about it - we would be much obliged.


The content of this website was created by us and we've tried to keep things relevant where this is appropriate and perhaps a little wilder when we wonder off track and leave the box. We hope the information on this site is correct, however, we cannot be held responsible if you fall off your bike when you spot material on this site that is clearly nonsense. Of course we're all for nonsense (and some nonsense on this site is intentional), but please drop us a line when we're well off the mark. We see some value in political correctness (pc), but we also like to draw the line where we see fit, because sometimes enough is enough. One always wonders who makes these rules anyway (and why). Of course freedom of speech (in countries where that is an option) should allow for some free thought regards pc.

Cookies and all that

We do use cookies on this website, as you will have noticed. These days websites are highly dependent on these for statistical information and integration with social media, so we have no choice. Please read our cookies policy if you are interested or worried.

Links to other websites

Where we have supplied links to external websites we have done so in the understanding that it may be of help to you, the visitor. This is how the world wide web works and hangs together. However we are (obviously) not responsible for the content of these websites. If any such links appear the be offensive (with reason), or if any links are broken we would also like to hear from you.


We know that the web is a great source for ideas and all kinds of freebies (legal or illegal). The material on this website will, perhaps, tempt some to pick and mix for their own use. We cannot legally stop you from doing so, but we encourage you to ask first before you help yourself to creative work made by, and often for, others. As a reminder we have placed a short borrowers' statement on all pages. The full text goes something like this ...

"Unless otherwise stated, all graphics and photographs on this website were made by We would appreciate it if you could contact us first before 'borrowing' any material. Some of this material was specially prepared for clients in the past and would require permission from those clients. Of course by contacting us we may be able to supply better quality graphics in various professional formats. Ideas are hard to protect and in the end we all copy to a certain extend, but be fair, give at least some credit to the source."

So don't hesitate to contact us and ask.