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The 'baron' and early van Wessels ...

by Cornelis van Wessel, B.Sc. (Edin.), BA (Hons., Open) | Updated: 22 November, 2019 | 2nd Draft

Ever since Veldhuis gave me a copy of the article from the 'Hervormde Kerkbode' (a parish newspaper) published in Harderwijk (NL; 23 Augustus, 1973), in which reference was made to a baron van Wessel, we have wondered who this baron was and what the source was of this information.

The article refers to a Baron van Wessel (13/14th century), a jagermeester who may have given his name to the hamlet of Wessel near Barneveld. It reads:

"Het dorp Garderen is veel ouder dan Barneveld. Dus eigenlijk zijn wij de hoofdplaats en is Barneveld een onderdeel van Garderen. In 1275 wordt in de boeken het dorp Garderen vermeld. De inwoners moesten in dat jaar 1/10 van hun inkomsten geven voor een kruistocht. De buurt van Wessel heeft zijn naam te danken aan een baron van Wessel, een jargermeester."

This translates to: "The village of Garderen is much older than Barneveld. So we are in fact the principle town and Barneveld is a part of Garderen. In 1275 the village Garderen is mentioned in the books. The inhabitants were in that year required to give 1/10 (tithe) of their income towards a Crusade. The hamlet of Wessel owes it's name from a baron van Wessel, a 'jagermeester'."

I may now have found some further clues although tentative and more likely to dismiss than confirm his existence.

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