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Welcome at, a genealogical information source for anyone with the surname VANWESSEL. This is Version-3.0 addapted for use on mobile devices. The genealogical data has been updated on 28 November, 2019. In addition you will find some information about the hamlet, a few historical notes and versions of the coat of arms. Recent research has found some interesting information regards the medieval members of the van Wessel family which will be published here in 2020 (perhaps a little earlier). You may also like to have a peek in the library where we have stored some useful reference material and research links.


The genealogy of the VAN WESSEL family is now known in broad lines, but there is a lot to be done. My brother Jan van Wessel started this research in the 1970's. He has collected a lot of material and a synopsis has been deposited at the Centraal Bureau van de Genealogie (the centre for family history). Jan, together with Marja van Wessel, sorted out the 'Huizen-cluster' and in the beginning of this century we have been able to make the link with the large (catholic) 'Didam-cluster' with the help of Mr. Dikker. Myself (Cornelis van Wessel) has followed this process from the beginning with interest. Over the last twenty years I have been able to make some contributions, largely with the help of the Internet and of course I have been busy with building a digital database and making the data available on this website. My contributions mainly concern additions to the surnames HOVIUS (mother), BAKKER and VAN DER LINDEN (both parents-in-law), but also new information about the VAN WESSEL collective. In addition I have collected some information about the name vanWessel and the hamlet Wessel in the Netherlands.

After my brother passed away (in April, 2004) I have taken over his archive material which is now based here in Scotland. Although there are different websites with VAN WESSEL material, the source is often Jan's work and much has been taken (including the errors) from this website which went live in 1997 but only under this domain name since 2002 (see Perhaps, in future, this website can remain the VAN WESSEL 'hub'. Anyway with this new format and new information we hope to provide the material that may be of interest to you.